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Ответы зачёта по английскому языку (КТЭиУ) 2023 год

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Уважаемые студенты!
Согласно учебному плану техникума после изучения курса лекций по дисциплине «Английский язык», а так же успешного прохождения контрольной работы необходимо сдать зачет.
Чтобы сдать зачет, вам необходимо ответить тестовые вопросы.
Выполнение зачета оценивается по следующим критериям:
100 — 90% верных ответов — отлично;
89 — 80% верных ответов — хорошо;
79 — 70% верных ответов — удовлетворительно;
69 — 0% верных ответов — неудовлетворительно.
Желаем вам успешной сдачи зачета!


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1. _________________they speak French well?
a) are
b) do
c) does
d) not
2. I understand this article.
a) am not
b) is not
c) do not
d) not
3. Did you buy yesterday?
a) tomatos
b) tomats
c) tomatoes
d) tomatoz
4. Of the two books, this one is the…………..
a) the most interesting
b) most interesting
c) more interesting
d) the more interesting
5. The damage to the car could be ……… than we expected.
a) bad
b) worse
c) the worst
d) the worse
6. When I woke up, everybody else _________.
a) had already left
b) already left
c) would left
d) already had left
7. She said she _____ his new car.
a) iked
b) can to like
c) ike
d) could to like
8. He _______ ever since he arrived at the party. He’s had eight beers so far.
a) has drunk
b) was drinking
c) drank
d) has been drinking
9. After ______ to Manchester, the Johnsons felt much better.
a) to move
b) moving
c) having moved
d) move
10. She can’t afford ______ for her car.
a) paying
b) to paying
c) pay
d) to pay
11. We ______ been going out with each other for a year in September.
a) would
b) are
c) will have
d) will be
12. If the water had been warmer yesterday, I _______ gone swimming.
a) won’t have
b) would have
c) wouldn’t
d) hadn’t
13. This time next month I _______ lectures at a university.
a) will attend
b) will be attending
c) attend
d) am attending
14. I haven’t got _____ money. Could you lend me _____?
a) some, some
b) any, any
c) any, some
d) some, any
15. It’s not very easy to live _________.
a) by your own
b) on oneself
c) with oneself
d) on your own
16. ___ money makes the world go round.
a) a
b) the
c) an
d) ___
17. He thinks too much ___ himself.
a) at
b) in
c) of
d) on
18. There _______ a festival tomorrow.
a) will be
b) will
c) will to be
d) is
19. Why ________ change your mind?
a) had you to
b) must you
c) you had to
d) did you have to
20. If I _____ to the post office, I’ll post this letter for you.
a) would go
b) went
c) go
d) will go



1. Life in a big city / life in the country, 2. Modern and old life – quietness/ more opportunities, 3. Men withstand age better than women and remain attractive longer, 4. “Man is born for happiness” / “The only one is worthy for happiness and freedom, who struggles for them every day”, 5. Family is the most important thing in life., 6. Only talented people can achieve success / hard work compensates for the lack of talent, 7. Money — happiness and joy / a source of trouble, 8. Money – the only way to success, 9. Families with 1 child (nuclear family) / life in a big (extended) family, 10. Cloning experiments, 11. Freedom of press – achievements of democracy / journalistic mistakes, 12. Holiday celebrations — enjoyment / just a day-off, 13. Preparing for holidays is more fun than celebrating them., 14. The best holidays are those which have got special traditions of celebration, 15. A person can have only 1 true friend, 16. Life – long friendship exists only in films., 17. Sending to prison – the only way of punishment, 18. Death penalty – an appropriate punishment for murderers, 19. Appearances are deceitful, 20. Coins and paper money / credit and bank cards, 21. Famous pop and sports stars earn too much money., 22. A popular actor’s life is always fun., 23. Honesty is the best policy., 24. The best things in life are free., 25. Modern teens – awful / criticized for no reason, 26. Being young – fun and entertainment / not easy, 27. Childhood is the safest period of human life., 28. In Europe children begin an independent life at 18…, 29. Part-time jobs for teens, 30. Pocket money – teaches to be responsible / parents should buy everything, 31. Giving extra pocket money for good marks, 32. Young people are not as healthy as 50 years ago, 33. Youth contacts / students’ exchange programs, 34. Subcultures, 35. It is easier to make friends than to keep them., 36. Friendship /love is the most important thing in life.