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Иностранный язык в юриспруденции (ответы оценочных материалов)

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Ответы на Оценочные материалы для проведениятекущего контроля успеваемости  по дисциплине «Иностранный язык в юриспруденции»

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1. England is almost unique in having two different kinds of … .
a) barristers b) lawyers c) legal executives
2. If a person has a legal problem he will go to a … .
a) judge b) solicitor c) barrister
3. In a civil action solicitors have the right to speak in … .
a) the lowest Court b) the highest Court c) any court in between
4. … is a governing body of barristers.
a) Law Society b) The Bar c) The Institute of Legal Executives
5. Barristers are experts in … of the Law.
a) examining b) creating c) interpretation
6. … is expected to appear only in the most important legal matters.
a) The Lord Chancellor b) The Queen’s Counsel c) Justice of the Peace
7. The judges … new laws.
a) create b) summarize c) criticize
8. Magistrates are … by special committees.
a) appointed b) selected c) voted
9. All federal judges hold office during … .
a) good manners b) good studies c) good behavior
10. Judges in the United States initially come to the bench after a … of professional
a) substantial number of years b) year c) vocational course
11. Most of the professional bodies who gave evidence including the Senate and the Law
Society … fusion.
a) adopted b) opposed c) delayed
12. Each lawyer could … his own practice to the needs of his clients.
a) fit b) adjust c) correct
13. If a customer buys faulty goods, shops are …
a) legally obliged to give him money back or exchange on sales items b) not legally obliged to
give him money back or exchange on sales items c) obliged to give a customer a credit note if he
has a receipt and has returned the item fairly soon after the purchase
14. The English word “law” … to limits upon various forms of behaviour.
a) refers b) rejects c) amends
15. Laws … how people ought to behave.
a) decide b) prescribe c) suggest
16. Law essentially … two functions in modern society.
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a) constitutes b) regulates c) serves
17. Law of a country may be analyzed as a … of rules.
a) selection b) set c) collection
18. Case Law arises out of disputes and may be found in the … of courts.
a) decisions b) agreements c) debates
19. Various customs, usages have been developed throughout the history of British …
a) common b) legal c) state
20. Court decision will become a new … for courts to follow in the future.
a) plan b) code c) precedent
21. Case Law is much richer in … than any code of law.
a) chapters b) articles c) detail
22. … rules are the product of difficulties which arise in everyday life.
a) Case Law b) Statutory Law c) Civil Law
23. … is one of the greatest systems that has ever existed.
a) Greek law b) Roman Law c) Hebrew Law
24. Napoleon … Roman Law in 1804.
a) codified b) created c) developed
25. Law is one of the most basic … institutions.
a) legal b) social c) civil
26. The law sets penalties for people who … the rules.
a) violate b) create c) define
27. Judges could expand precedents to make them … particular cases.
a) suit b) fix c) exist
28. Constitutional law continues the common-law tradition of … the people’s rights and
a) adopting b) developing c) defending
29. The main role of British police is
a). to serve the public b) to be agents of the government c) to be agents of private security.
30. Even though the crime … keeps going on, society is soft on criminals.
a) case b) rate c) numbers
31. At the lowest level of the state courts there are courts of … jurisdiction.
a) limited b) general c) exclusive
32. State courts of general jurisdiction are … to hear more serious criminal and civil cases.
a) given b) empowered c) chosen
33. The muggers attacked the pensioner and … with her money.
ЧОУ ВО «Курский институт менеджмента, экономики и бизнеса»4
a) made up b) stood around c) got away
34. You are … with murder under aggravating circumstances.
a) convicted b) charged c) found
35. Legal custom grants each losing … one appeal.
a) litigant b) magistrate c) judge
36. A local authority is known to be responsible for … decisions in this district.
a) doing b) making c) coming
37. During the … the jury sit in silence, listening carefully to all the witnesses.
a) try b) tried c) trial
38. A magistrates’ court normally consists of three …
a) Law Lords b) prosecutors c) Justices of the Peace
39. When the judge had finished his summing up, he asked the jury to consider their ….
a) verdict b) inquiry c) answer
40. As far as court work or litigation is concerned, the … prepares the case and ascertains the
a) judge b) solicitor c) Vice Chancellor
41. The … is a lawyer who has the right to speak and argue as an advocate in higher law
a) magistrate b) barrister c) judge
42. The system of justice in England and Wales is … in nature.
a) professional b) united c) adversarial
43. You are not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say will be … and may be used in
evidence against you.
a) taken down b) got away c) made off
44. Tribunal chaired by one who is legally qualified often consists of … people.
a) lay b) simple c) fair
45. When a … is found guilty he may appeal to the local Crown court.
a) criminal b) defendant c) witness
46. Cases … in the Magistrates’ courts can be appealed to the Crown Court.
a) heard b) investigated c) created
47. The … of the cases in the International Court of Justice is under the control of President
or Vice-President elected by the Court itself.
a) observing b) listening c) hearing