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Билет 5 Английский язык ТМ-009/41-1


Билет №5 для промежуточной аттестации по дисциплине «Иностранный язык» направления подготовки 38.03.03 «Управление персоналом» в Курском институте менеджмента, экономики и бизнеса.  – Курск: типография МЭБИК – 8 с. Идентификатор публикации: ТМ-009/41-1
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Прочитайте, переведите и ответьте на вопросы:

Kursk is a town with a rich historical past, which is connected with the history of the Russian state. Referring to the results of the archaeological excavations historians assume that Kursk was founded as a fortress of the Kiev Princedom in the reign of Vladimir Svyatoslavovich approximately in 982-983 on the bank of the Tuskar river, at the place where the small river Kur falls into it. It explains the name of the city – «Kursk-on-the-Tuskar»,

For the first time Kursk was mentioned in the Pechyor Paterikon one of the most famous written monuments of the ancient Church, compiled by the monk-chronicler Nestor in 1094. We can read some lines about the valour of Kursk dwellers in the world-famous old Russian poem «The Song of Igor’s Campain» written by an unknown author in a high-patriotic note.

Nowadays Kursk is a big industrial and cultural centre of the Russian Federation. Its population is more than 441 thousand people, the territory is about 18 thousand hectares. The town and its suburb are situated in the forest-steppe zone with a warm moderate-humid climate.

The main branches of industry in Kursk are metal-working, machine building, chemical and light industries. There are more than 90 enterprises in Kursk. A great number of joint-ventures have been registered and successfully work on the territory of Kursk.

There are 20 secondary professional schools, 14 colleges, 3 universities and an academy there. You can have a good opportunity to rest and widen your cultural outlook in Kursk at the regional drama theatre named after Pushkin, at the puppet theatre and the theatre of young spectators «Rovesnik», in the Houses and Palaces of Culture and the House of Knowledge, in the City palace for schoolchildren and in the cinemas, clubs, video salons, libraries, museums, picture gallery, picture pavilions, the planetarium and philharmonic society.

Let’s hope that thanks to industry and diligence of our townsmen Kursk will become more comfortable and beautiful. It is a tribute for our rich thousand-year-old history. It is necessary for living and future generation.

1.When and where was it founded ?

  1. Is there any explanation to the town’s name ?
  2. When and where was it first mentioned ?
  3. Where can we find the lines about the valour of Kursk dwellers?
  4. What is it nowadays ?
  5. What is its population about ?
  6. What territory does it occupy ?
  7. What are the main branches of industry in Kursk ?

Переведите предложения с русского языка на английский:

  1. Сколько студентов в аудитории? — Двадцать.
  2. Кaк вкуснo пaхнет кoфе! Сделaй мне чaшечку, тoлькo без сaхaрa.
  3. Кoгдa oни улетaют в Нью-Йoрк? — Нa следующей неделе.
  4. 4. Кoгдa Кoлумб oткрыл Aмерику? Кoлумб oткрыл Aмерику в 1492 г.
  5. Вчерa впервые я слушaл oперу «Ригoлеттo», и музыкa мне oчень пoнрaвилaсь.
  6. Мы сoбирaемся купить цветнoй телевизoр.
  7. В aвтoбусе былo слишкoм мнoгo нaрoдa.
  8. Oн oкoнчил Кoлумбийский университет.

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