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Английский язык Текст 1. PROFILE OF A COMPANY CHAIRMAN


2. Обязательные задания для выполнения обучающимися (с ответами и решениями)
В обязательном порядке обучающийся должен письменно перевести один из предложенных текстов и выполнить задания к тексту (артикул 0011124):




Alan Dury was from Italy. He was Italian. At 15 he was a shop assistant. At 20 he started his own repair company. Today at 44 he is one of the richest men in the U.K Alan Dury is the chairman of    DURANCO plc, the company which sells TV’s, video recorders, personal computers and hi-fi’s at   prices lower than anyone else’s.

Duranco is based at Solihull in Birmingham, but it manufactures most of its products in Taiwan. The main reason for the success of the company is an excellent marketing team, which is always looking for, and finding, the right product at the right time. Dury doesn’t have anoffice, but runs thecompany from home.

With 150 million shares in DURANCO he is a rich man, but he doesn’t like to show it. He drives a family car and lives in a medium-sized house in the suburbs of Birmingham, where he was born. In fact he is not very different from the millions of people who buy his products every day.


Many large businesses in the UK are public limited companies (plc.), which means that the public can buy and sell their shares on the stock exchange. Examples include Mark& Spencer, British Telecom etc.

Sole Trader or Sole Proprietor (UK) – the simplest way of starting a business. You are self-employed and entirely responsible for all aspects of the management of your business.

Partnership (UK) – two or more people starting a business together can set up a partnership. All partners are responsible for the debts of the partnership, and profits and losses are shared between them.

Private Limited Company (UK) – a company can be formed with a minimum of two people becoming its shareholders. They must appoint a director and a company secretary. If the company goes out of business, the responsibility of each shareholder is limited to the amount that they have contributed; they have limited liability. Such a company has Ltd (Limited) after its name.

In the US, businesses take the same basic forms. However, American companies are registered or incorporated with the authorities in the state where they have their headquarters. The abbreviations Inc. and Corp. refer to such companies. To sell shares to the public they must apply to the Securities Exchange Commission.

Ex.1. Ответьте навопросы к тексту:

  1. What was he at 15?
  2. When did he start his own company?
  3. What does his company sell?
  4. What is the main reason for his company success?
  5. In what ways is Alan Dury an unusual company chairman?

Ex. 2.  Выберите ключевые слова из текста и письменно опишите компанию Алана.

Ex. 3. Напишите, что вы узнали из текста о следующем:

  1. Alan Dury and his company;
  2. The reason why Alan Dury is an unusual company chairman.


Изучите список слов и напишите, какие качества необходимо иметь, чтобы создать успешный бизнес: 

To make all the decisions

A self-starter


To thrive on competition

To be good at adapting to change


To plan well ahead

To have a flair for smth

To build teams

To deal with complex issues


To handle


A fair amount

To cope with ambiguity

To have the physical stamina for smth.

To be quite single-minded about smth.

To be no stranger to risk-taking


To make sacrifices

Принимать решение


Полагающийся только на себя

«Преуспевать в соревнованиях»

Хорошо адаптироваться
к переменам

Планировать заранее

Иметь способности к чему-либо

Строить команду

Иметь дело со сложными

Управлять, регулировать,

Изрядное количество

Справляться с неопределенностью

Иметь физическую выносливость (выдержку)

Быть целеустремленным к чему-либо

Не бояться рисковать